Within My Illusions

A soulful, poetic journey set to a meditative and transcendent soundscape, an enchanting listening experience–an epic for the ears.

With spoken word by Jennifer Bloom and music by Orlando Villarraga.

listen now:

Jennifer Bloom


Jennifer Bloom is a facilitator, performer, and social innovator who creates experiences that invite participants to expand their mind and heart, open to diverse perspectives, and imagine possibilities for impactful action. Integrating her presence as a mother, poet, scholar, singer, and lifelong learner, Jennifer’s work weaves the intellectual and imaginal worlds, the mystical and the mundane.

Jennifer has authored two poetry books, Brainstorms and Within My Illusions, and released the original pop EP, The Only Way out Is Through. She brings her signature storytelling, poetry, and song performances to audiences all over the country and facilitates groups ranging from social change leaders to public school students to community coalitions. She holds a B.A. in English from Yale University and a Master’s of Science in Health and Social Behavior from the Harvard School of Public Health.

Orlando Villarraga


Orlando Villarraga loves to express himself as a poet, musician, and sound artist. Orlando often finds himself living “in-between” worlds and draws inspiration from that complex and nuanced space.

His approach for his work has come at an intersection of studying under the Teyuna indigenous cultures of Colombia, and undertaking mentorship in contemporary sound meditation practices.

His work intends to hold a mirror to our own meaningfulness and connection to nature, which is fertile soil for catalyzing connection within, and with each other.

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