Within My Illusions

Within My Illusions invites you on a poetic journey of discovery. Bloom explores questions that arise when making friends with paradox, allowing boundaries to blur, and testing the limits of our habits and beliefs. The poems, taken individually and collectively, tell stories and also question the role that story plays in how we make sense of the world and ourselves. Linger on one poem at a time or take in the book all at once. Read the poems as an observer or bring your own heart into the conversation.

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Praise for Within My Illusions

Within My Illusions invites us to pause and reflect on the wondrous inner world of sensation, image, emotion, and thought. The heart of what this treasure reminds us is the magnificent experience of being alive, here, in this precious unfolding we call our life. Each entry illuminates the subtle majesty of the present moment, the meaning of inner reflections and interactions with people, pets, and the planet, the ways our past preoccupations and anticipations of the future inevitably shape our perceptions—our “illusions”—in constructing our experience of now. Taken together, there is a magical synergy that binds these powerful poems, bridging image and idea, the profound and the mundane, in ways that linger still, inspiring this mind long after the pages of this wondrous book have been closed, to open in new and grateful ways beyond what words can say.”

Daniel J. Siegel, M.D.

New York Times Bestselling Author of MindAware, and Brainstorm
Executive Director, Mindsight Institute
Clinical Professor, UCLA School of Medicine

When you enter Jennifer Bloom’s work, you enter Jennifer Bloom’s heart. Walk with her on this trail of truths and illusions. As Jennifer remembers herself as a Miracle, you might remember that you, too, are a Miracle. You might remember the way miraculous Love can squeeze through the narrowest cracks to fill the Primal Soul. You might remember that Love has been inside you all along, and that Love breaks the shackles that bind and shows you the way to freedom.”

Pamela Eakins

Author, Tarot of the Spirit

“Within My Illusions is a coffer, each poem a gem. With poignant, vivid detail, Bloom invites the reader to explore our habits, our patterns of thought, and our belief systems in a quest for spiritual awakening. Timely and wise, Bloom’s second volume of poetry nourishes in the moment and long after the last page has turned.”

Jennifer Hritz

Author of Smoke and Glass and The Crossing

“With heart, soul, wit, and a presence you can feel as you read her words, Jennifer Bloom’s poetry is the spark of inspiration, hug from an understanding friend, and hope for a new world we can all use during times of change and uncertainty. Get this book for yourself, give it to friends, and use it in the gatherings you facilitate to open the hearts and minds of those you love and influence.”

Christine Arylo

MBA, women’s leadership advisor, best-selling author, and founder of The Feminine Wisdom Way

“Moving, inspiring and heartfelt – Jennifer’s carefully weaved words move me to tears, make me laugh, inspire me, and leave me with great pause about the beautiful world we live in. Her work is one that I will return to again and again and one that will be incorporated into my teachings as a meditation teacher imprinting on the souls of my students.”


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