poetry is a key
that unlocks a secret
place in the heart


The poetry, music, videos, and musings on this website are an invitation to take a timeout from the day-to-day doing and reflect on the sacredness of being—my gift to you.

The links below are a compass to navigate my creative ecosystem, which includes books, music and spoken word albums, videos, Artwise Poetry Roulette cards, and my poetry gallery that I refer to as “Poetry Timeout.”

People often ask me how they can share and support my work. To make it easy for you, I’ve put together some guidelines and ways to do that.

I designed this website to be a world of inspiration, beauty, and possibility. You can explore by lingering on one poem at a time or immersing yourself for a while. Close your eyes. Take a breath. Notice what you notice.


As the world accelerates around me,
    I slow down;
        I listen;
            I notice.
I am inspired to find meaning in the everyday,
the meaning that weaves a tapestry of life,
filled with ideas and memories,
challenges and joy,
relationships past and present –
the moments when lives touch each other.

I never intended to write poetry; I just needed to
write. What began as a journaling exercise has
transformed into a re-imagining of myself and
my relationship to the world around me.

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