What if it isn’t
problem to be solved
but a  process to be supported?

In everything I do, my intention is to create space for people to connect with their imagination and wisdom, to catalyze the power of collaboration and community, and to embrace creativity as a pathway to aligned action.


The energy I bring into my work invites a sense of possibility and imagination. Whether a creative project, a public health initiative, or a social change movement, my work helps you expand your perspective on the now, dream the future you want to live into, and take actionable steps toward bringing that dream into reality.

My work is grounded in decades of learning and experience in social science inquiry, storytelling, and creative development along with my unique sense of play and whimsy.

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Advisor. Thought Partner. Mentor. Creative Doula.

Sometimes it takes an outside perspective to get going or get unstuck. I mentor and partner with creatives and social innovators to initiate projects or move through the middle stages of project development. I can be a sounding board, ideator, or advisor, depending on what you need.


Evaluation. Facilitation. Strategic Planning. Program Development.

Through my consulting group, Emerging Perspectives, I support purpose-driven organizations and groups to clarify their vision, enhance collaboration, and use momentum to maximize impact.

Some organizations we’ve worked with include:

  • The Sobering Center – Austin
  • Austin Housing Coalition
  • Texas Department of State Health Services HIV and WIC programs

Performances. Workshops. Poetry Pop-Ups. Poetry Roulette.

I offer customized performances and workshops for events, retreat centers, and conferences. These can range from a performance of poetry, stories, and songs on a theme of your choosing to highly engaging, interactive sessions that might include meditation, journal writing, and group engagement. Past groups have included:

  • Public school classrooms
  • Memory care facilities
  • Retreat centers
  • Conferences & convenings
  • Art fairs

Collaboration. Licensing. Thought Partnership.

I’ve collaborated with musicians, filmmakers, writers, and thought leaders. If you have a project or concept in mind that would benefit from spoken or written poetry, facilitation, or song, let’s explore possibilities.

social impact

Community Engagement. Philanthropy. Volunteerism.

I support projects and programs that promote creative expression, transformation, healing, sustainability, and equity. Current and past support includes:

  • Community First! Village
  • One Tree Planted
  • Open Doors Reality Poets
  • Sanctuary of the Open Heart
  • Sustainable Food Center
  • The T.R.U.T.H. Project
  • Truth Be Told
    The Whale Dreamer


Meet Jennifer

“Jennifer offers a compelling presence that invites all to engage and explore in new and deeply meaningful ways. Her weaving superpowers allow disparate views to be woven into a collective tapestry that inspires and enchants. What a gift to the world in such need of the bridges Jennifer creates!”

Dr. Dan Siegel

Best-Selling Author and Executive Director, Mindsight Institute

“Jennifer generously shares her deep heart wisdom and creativity through brilliant collaborations, facilitation, and leadership. A true Renaissance woman, she is remarkably gifted and experienced in the arts, science, academia, business, and nonprofit realms. Jennifer’s embodied sense of interconnectedness inspires us all to embrace the joy and freedom of infinite possibility.”

Laura Berland

Founder, Center for Compassionate Leadership

“Jennifer can see all the seemingly disparate parts and bring them together into a pointed phrase, idea, insight, or model that makes it sing and focalizes people on what matters. She bring ideas, feelings and knowings into words in new ways that give us access to those same things within ourselves. She’s caring, compassionate, brilliant, and bold—all wrapped into one.”

Christine Arylo

MBA, Transformational leadership advisor, teacher and author

“strikingly refreshing, profound and unpretentious”

Katherine Torrini

Director of Visual Magic, Creative Catalyst


“Jennifer is a heart sparkler faerie. Everyone she touches shines more brightly with her magic and insight. Like light dancing on water, she has both great depth to draw from, and the awakening light of her awareness dances joyfully, presently with you.”

Ariel Spilsbury

Founder, Sanctuary of the Open Heart

“Jennifer possesses a remarkable ability to harmoniously blend various elements together, such as art, poetry, facilitation, community building, and serving as a guiding force for others. She skillfully weaves these aspects into a tapestry of integration. With a genuine spirit of selflessness, intelligence, humility, generosity, inspiration, joy, humor, and unwavering commitment, Jennifer acts as a nurturing doula for the endeavors of those around her.”

Barnaby Willett

Garrison Institute Fellow

You took our words and turned them into magic!

Tyler and Emily Brycelove

“Jennifer is an expert weaver, artist, and creator. She’s able to synthesize ideas into art that takes complex ideas and drops them into people’s hearts.”

Justin Michael Williams

Author, Speaker & Musician

“Jennifer is a walking, talking, inspiring reminder that the universe responds to our kindness, intention, and attention.”

Paul Normandin

Creative, Storyteller


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