Within My Illusions Digital Download

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A spoken word poetry album with poems by Jennifer Bloom and music by Orlando Villarraga. A soulful, poetic journey set to a meditative and transcendent soundscape, an enchanting listening experience – an epic for the ears.

Oftentimes, artists invite support for an album when it's still in concept form. Instead, we invite you to become a supporter of the work now that it's in the world. We created this album in collaboration as a labor of love. For Jennifer, reading and performing her poetry breathes life into words written in response to moving experiences, deep emotions, and meaningful connections. Orlando has a passion for creating emotional landscapes through sound. Jennifer invited Orlando to bring his gifts for composition into her stories and poems. The process unfolded by listening to the poetry together, exploring the intersections of language and sound, and finally, through Orlando composing soundscapes that allow the resonance of the poetry to ripple further.