The Snail and the Bee

It was the snail that caught my eye,
nestled into the stem of a wilting wildflower.

I step closer to take a picture
and notice the bee, which had landed
in the center of a daisy.
As I watch, she takes
flight into the field.

I set down my phone and venture
further into a sea of overgrown weeds,
some decaying, others full bloom.
Grass vibrates shades of celadon and jade
and tickles the backs of my legs.

The movement of butterflies,
mimosa yellow and cloud white,
stills me enough to see the play
of light on green as grass
sways in the breeze.

I relax the focus of my eyes
and begin to notice myself
woven into this infinite dance
of life, death, decay, renewal,
pulsing in the rhythm of now.