Same Heart

(from Brainstorms)

I’ve heard that cells
from the same heart
beat in time,
even when separated
by a hundred miles.

I picture you,
squinting barefoot
at the sea,
blues and greens reflected
in your hopeful eyes,
your crooked smile
almost lost
in a parenthetical embrace
as your bare arms
stretch upward
to greet the morning sun.

Do I read your mind
as I lift my morning cup
to meet my lips
and remember the time
you told me your truth?

Is it the flutter in your stomach I feel
when I wake from a deep
and dreamless sleep,
unsure of where to begin?

What thread is there
that connects
your heart to mine,
wispy strands
beyond visible,
yet bearing some thing
that no earthly fiber could hold?

Because though your heart beats
a thousand miles away from mine,
Our feet fall in step as we walk
along distant shores.