Preparing for Flight

(from Brainstorms)


The geese are preparing
for their migration,
teaching the young ones
how to fly in formation.

Soon it will be time for them
to move on from this place.

But not today.

Today they will stay.
Today they will give their children
one more tool
to help them survive.

Even for my flock
today is a day for standing still,
for appreciating the moment,
for teaching and for learning.

I close my eyes to listen to the geese.
And think about the things
I will give to my young
to prepare them for their migration

so the road bumps and hurdles of life
will not hinder their flight,

so they will know when to follow
and when to take the lead,

and so the love that surrounds them
will buoy them on their journey.

Then they will have no choice but to soar.