(from Brainstorms)


I was waiting at the end of a long line
to return something at Nordstrom
when a young woman came up
and said she could help me
at another register.

Relieved that my wait was shortened,
I complimented her coral skirt,
which was light and flirty
and made me smile.

It was chiffon with small pleats all around
and short, shorter than what I would wear,
but it suited her petite frame,
bleached blonde bob,
pale porcelain skin,
and the gray t-shirt and black blazer
she had paired with it.

As she was processing my return,
a man walked up, another associate.

He had dark hair, almost black,
and skin as translucent as the woman’s.

Something struck me about the two of them
as they stood side by side,
talking and working.

And then I saw it:
his coral pants,
gray shirt,
black blazer.

“You match!” I exclaimed,
“How cool is that!”

They had been working together all day
and hadn’t even noticed.