(from Brainstorms)

I am a caterpillar growing too big for my skin.
I feed on the world around me,
moving slowly and deliberately,
consuming more than I can hold,
molting to make room for my body,
ever expanding and increasing.

I weave a tapestry around my soul,
burying myself deep inside,
but never shutting down
the essence of who I am.

I am a butterfly who changes the world.
I draw sweet nectar from the flowers of life,
fueling my soul and allowing my divine spirit
to radiate the vibrant colors and patterns of joy.

I pollinate love and light and truth,
scattering the seeds in all directions,
never knowing where they may land
and what may grow in their presence.

I am earthy and flighty,
camouflaged and colorful,
transformed and transforming,
a never-ending transformation of myself.