I Am

the tree releasing,
the leaves amber, bronze,
and burgundy,

the deer crossing the path,
the human and canine looking on,

the blue jay in the underbrush,
the morning meal,

the pen gliding,
the page receiving,
the ink weeping,
the patterns emerging,
the story revealing,

the sound waves rebounding,
the metal chimes,
the breeze that moves them,

the flame of the candle,
the wick and the wax,
half solid, half liquid,
the release into obscurity,

the coffee grounds pressed,
the press itself,
the water infused,
the flavor of roasted beans,
the eyeglasses resting,
the table they sit on,
the print enlarged
with no one to see,

the call of the wild,
the swirl of the sea,
dullness and vibrancy,
the desert, the rain,
fractured and assembled again,
winter to spring to summer’s peak,
and autumn’s falling into
the completeness
of all that I am.