Collaborative Alchemy

(a collaborative poem)

Our human capacity to take in
And make sense of the world

“We are not in Kansas anymore.”
We are three dimensional,
And our center of gravity is shifting.
The world is grieving itself.
The world is healing itself.

Looking for balance,
Alleviation from the overwhelm,

Communities of witness, 
Hearing the call in the ether,
Yearning for a continued dawning 
And deepening of communion.

Looking for a bridge 
From contemplative practice 
To the world around.

Connection with a community,
Peace in, peace around,
Listening and learning,
In joy and positivity.

Wishes for peace and grounding,
Energetic settling,
Ease, and a little grace.

This is transformation, I think.

Our collective power,
Dancing with the present moment
In a call and response.
What is the moment calling for? 
How am I responding? 
What if the dance transforms? 

In the dark night of the soul,
Shadow is light being shaped, reforming,
Bringing forms into three dimensionality.
Dark matter gives us perspective of light.
They are two coexisting forces that 
Create space for the other to exist.
Perhaps the same with joy and grief.

 No matter how good the maintenance,
Nothing can stop the effect of time.

Where the mind goes energy flows.

Noticing synchronicities,
External manifestations of
Underlying entanglements,
Illuminating what is already there,
The connecting force.

Both that which we can see 
And that which is not quantifiable.

Perspective shifts,
Emotion alchemy,
From despair to grief,
Rage to deep caring,
Isolation to connection.

Get practical.
Smile at everyone.
Embody wellbeing.

Capture a drop of the abundance of the sun
And place it in an object,
An artifact for the journey.