Artwise Poetry Cards

Artwise Poetry Roulette Cards combine images and words to inspire playful reflection. Created through joy, sisterhood, and a little bit of magic, we hope that the cards become a spark for your heart. Use them for your personal inspiration and contemplation, bring them out at a book club meeting or gathering as a conversation starter, give them as gifts, or discovery your own path for using them.

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Praise for Artwise Poetry Cards

In my work providing professional learning for PK-12 teachers in California to support/promote global education, I help teachers to think differently about their engagement with students, their curriculum decisions, and their role in this world. After several intensive days of learning, discussion, and decision-making, I have used your cards in an activity similar to the one used by Yolanda at Esalen:

* Let a card “pick you” as we pass the deck around.
* Read the poem and analyze/enjoy the art while reflecting on all that you have been learning here (or feel right now).
* Write your reflections in your journal &/or turn to a partner to share.
* Circle up and share something you are taking away from this experience.

“I had a retreat for our CGEP Teacher Leaders in June and did this. Almost every teacher “HAD TO” read their poem to the group as they spoke/shared and many “had to” show the art and shared how the colors or style or elements reflected their thinking, feeling, and/or experiences at the retreat.”

“I am working with a middle school Art Teacher who integrated poetry into his lessons last year and spoke about how much his students pushed back on having to write poems with their art to reflect their identity and culture. He just looked through your cards and sees how these can be used this year to inspire students to write poems, connect words and color/images to feelings and experiences. He likes the variety of poems that students will get to explore and see as models.”

“One of the teachers took photos of her poem and a few others she liked (shared by other teachers). She told me that went home and shared these with her colleagues at the district office who “need more poetry in their lives” as they are stressed and overwhelmed and frustrated. I am sending her a deck to keep doing that and finding other ways to use these with the History-Social Science teachers she works with in her district (Elk Grove).”

“Finally, I am working with the new California Arts Project regional director for San Diego. She will soon be moving from school-based professional learning to regional work for teachers in the Arts. She loves the cards and sees these as a useful tool for her new role in working with teachers through presentations, workshops, and institutes.”

“I spent some time with the cards this weekend and I love them so much. Mostly I just pulled random cards, looked at the art and then read your words.”

“Every single one (I looked at about 10) really inspired me to sink in a little deeper, let go a little more and consider life a little more expansively.”

Carrie C.

“A terrific resource for educators. Truly!”

Emily S.

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